Audio 30 aps инструкция

audio 30 aps инструкция
Links: Apple iTunes, Google Play. 7. Disaster Readiness – This must-have app will help you and loved ones rebound from almost any disaster, anywhere, quickly and safely. Links: Apple iTunes, Google Play. 13. Google Earth – The perfect app for when you find yourself lost in the wilderness. Their field manual is the most authoritative guide on survival. Links: Apple iTunes, Google Play. 21. Radioactivity Counter – Believe it or not, this will turn your phone into a geiger mueller Counter. Additional hazard information can be viewed and shared. Works in portrait and landscape mode with zoom functionality so you can see the text and images.

This will be essential when the power goes out due to a storm. Links: Apple iTunes, Google Play. 17. Pet First Aid – Let’s not forget about our pets. Links: Apple iTunes, Google Play. 12. Flashlight – This flashlight app comes with a built-in compass and allows you to adjust the brightness. The entire manual can be printed from the PDPM-Chapters.pdf and PDPM-Appendices.pdf electronic files. With thousands of route guides and trails at your fingers, you will be able to find the best route.

This app walks you through the process, keeps track of what is in your bag, and reminds you when items need to be replaced. Don’t expect real CB channels (or truckers) here, but the app brings the spirit of CB communication to your phone. When a chapter or appendix receives a comprehensive update, the date will be updated on all pages within the chapter or appendix to coincide with the date of the manual change transmittal. Links: Apple iTunes, Google Play. 24. Spy Glass / Smart Compass – Much more than just a compass.

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