Mitsubishi daiva srk25 gz-l1 инструкция

Yes Is abnormality the same after gas charging? Is capacitor normal? No No Replace capacitor. Does the trouble occur again? No No need for PCB change Microcomputer runaway due to power source conditions is a possible cause. YES Disconnect connectors and connect them again. When intended to change operating mode, switch operation change over dial to the intended mode. (b) The temperature is checked once every 30 minutes after operation start. When heating is initiated, thermostat reset, or heating resumed after defrosting, the indoor fan is automatically controlled stop to set value in accordance with the temperature of the indoor air heat exchanger to prevent the blowing out of cold air.

Again pushing operating switch Operating the unit? YES Abnormal is not fount S50,56 models NO (a) Press the reset switch of remote controller. The operation data are applied to the 220/240V districts respectively. The thermostat temperature setting is automatically increased by 2ºC when heating is initiated to provide faster stabilization of room temperature.
Also fix the wiring and pipings to the wall with clamps. Ascertain the operation status. Is this nonsense claim? YES No Operate the unit. ¡ Explain the function of the unit to user. Cover the exterior portion with covering tape and shape the piping so it will match the contours of the route that the piping to take. Abnormality of indoor fan motor (Fan motor defective, printed circuit board defective) Is the connector connection good? No Repair the connector. Unit did not cool, etc. ¡ Is the power on? ¡ Is the thermostat setting correct? (Not too high?) ¡ Is the unit in a timer operation? ¡ Does user understand function? etc.

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