Ip камера panasonic bl c131 инструкция

The following dialog is shown: We want to configure a static IPv4 address so select ‘Manually’ from the IPv4 drop-down box. Public cameras can be viewed by anyone, even if they aren’t logged into . This will allow the input of a fixed IP address into the Ehthernet connection of the Mac as below: To allow communication with the Panasonic camera we need to pick an address which is in the same subnet as the Panasonic camera’s default IP address.

Once set you will be asked to confirm both the username and password before it displays a live image. You can, but you’ll need a separate piece of software to run on your computer and FTP the images to . Manual failover can be performed at any time, without readjusting the automatic failover setting. This means that it’s possible for anyone to view the images if they have the URL to the image, even for private cameras.
The following window will open: This dialog will show the available networks you can use from your Mac. The name of the company etc. that have been described might be different from the present contents. Let Panasonic network cameras keep an eye on things — anytime, anywhere — so you can relax and enjoy yourself. The general gist of the information is basically the same.

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