Инструкция телевизор филипс 21pt5505 58s

Soak tested ok (Ann Reid) Orion TV (5130-2RC Chassis) Picture was black and white, twisted, sound came and went If switched on for a long time the picture improved but was still not OK. Capacitor C210 in the IF section had failed. Это приводит к тому, что пользователи иногда не умеют использовать все возможности устройства и даже нарушают правила его эксплуатации. У вас нет инструкции по применению устройства Philips? After 1 Minute the TV Displays : Antenna connection failed! Supplies do not come up and set does not run. Same as C2146TN & C2546TN problem solved with thanks to Mike G & Barty. These have a sub panel next to the video processor.

Order Nr. 875946647 (Daniele Marseglia) Matsui TV Model: 25M2 (Sanyo? Check generally for dry joints in the E/W and PSU areas. Уважаеми клиенти, Финала на Шампионска лига 2017 е между футболните колоси Ювентус и Реал Мадрид! Replace IC301 (Anonymous) Grundig TV (CUC4400 Chassis) No image from tuner. Sharp by name sharp by nature came to mind. Set appears not to come out of standby Check for dry joints on the line output transformer tags.
Small plastic part on motor spindle under gear had split, so slipping. Ими стали уфимцы в возрасте 82 и 88 лет. The A1 adjustment had very little effect I found that IC901 (TDA6108JF) on the tube base was faulty, pin 7 (blue o/p) and pin 8 (green o/p) both read s/c to ground. Bang was 330pF cap 2540 across PSU MOSFET exploding, suspect went s/c. Diodes 6513 & 6511 cracked and s/c. Replaced C2540. Could not get diode 1N5062/BYW55 rep, so replaced all 4 diodes with BY399. PSU MOSFET removed and checked,ok. Eventually it is so bad that even the teletext shows double or triple images when they are made up of a combination of colours. After trying 4 times to come up it goes to error standby with Led blinking very fast.

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